Class 6 English Model Activity Task Part 2 February 2022 Answer

Here we will discuss Class 6 English Model Activity Task Part 2 February 2022 Answer. This is the second model activity task for the year 2022. This activity task has full marks of 20 which you have to solve and submit to your teachers.

Class 6 English Model Activity Task Part 2 February 2022

In this article, we are going to solve Class 6 English Model Activity Task Part 2 February 2022 all questions with proper answers. Follow this article and write every answer carefully, you will get the best result. So, let’s solve this February 2022 Model Activity Task.

Model Activity Task Part 2, February 2022

Class – VI


Full Marks: 20

Class 6 English Model Activity Task Part 2 February 2022 Solution

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

There was once a toy clown called Tuffy. He lived in a toy shop with many other toys. Tuffy longed to be a hero. He wanted to do something noble so that all the toys would cry out that he was a hero. He thought his little corner on the toy shelf was dull.

“Why do you grumble so much?” asked Timothy, the puppy dog. “Be happy with us, Tuffy.” 

A. Complete the following sentences: 1×2 = 2 

(i) Tuffy wanted to do something noble because________________________________________ 

Ans: Tuffy wanted to do something noble because he longed to be a hero.

(ii) Tuffy thought that ____________________________________________________________ 

Ans: Tuffy thought that his little corner on the toy shelf was dull.

B. Answer the following questions: 2×3 = 6 

(i) Who was Tuffy? 

Ans: Tuffy was a toy clown in a toy shop.

(ii) Where did Tuffy live? 

Ans: Tuffy lived in a toy shop.

(iii) What did Timothy tell Tuffy? 

Ans: Timothy told tuffy to be happy with them.

2. (A) Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verbs given in brackets: 1×2=2 

(i) Binay and Sujay __________ brothers. (be) 

Ans: Binay and Sujay are brothers.

(ii) _________ she come to play? (do) 

Ans: Does she come to play?

2. (B) Identify the abstract nouns and collective nouns in the following sentences. Write them in correct table given below: 1×4=4 

(i) My brother works in the army. 

(ii) He brought a bouquet of flowers for me. 

(iii) You should develop punctuality. 

(iv) Honesty is the best policy. 


Abstract nounCollective Noun
Honesty a bouquet of flowers

3. Write a short paragraph in about sixty words about your ‘First Day in School’. Use the points given below: 6 

Points: first day in school—your reaction after reaching school—some classmates you liked—memorable moments—your teachers


My first day at school is one of the most memorable days of my life. The day was Sunday 1 January 2012. I went to a nearby primary school with my father. I had many unknown fears. After reaching school, I saw some students were playing in the field. Then, we went to the Headmaster’s office. There we met some teachers. A teacher took us to my classroom.

When my father left me in the class, I understood that I was in a new and unknown world. Soon all of the students joined the assembly. The headmaster delivered a short speech welcoming us at the beginning of the year. Then we returned to the class. After a while, our class teacher entered the class. He told us about many rules and important things.

After some time the first bell rang. Then a new teacher came. She was our English teacher. She told us an interesting story. I enjoyed the class. Really the teachers were very friendly to us. All my fear disappeared after the class. At last, the final bell rang. My father was waiting for me at the school gate. We came back home. I will never forget the sweet memories of the first day at school.

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